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January 11, 2009

hey all
my dear visitors
i’m gonna move to this new link which combine my both blogs(English and Arabic)
so see u enshAllah after i finish from the new style



January 11, 2009

hey all
my dear visitors
i’m gonna move to this new link which combine my both blogs(English and Arabic)
so see u enshAllah after i finish from the new style


January 1, 2009

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deferred tag

December 17, 2008

I was tagged by Bliss,but i was busy to do it untill now 🙂

pick a person ONE PERSON that we all know which is A BLOGGER THAT BLOGS!! IN BLOGGER OR WORDPRESS!! only one!! and describe that person and tell her/him some stuff that you like about them and if there are any negative points then say them too!! and write the name!!”


I’m gonna write about Manal

you’re one of the sweetest girls that i’ve ever met in wordpress.You’re a good-tempered,optimistic,sensible ,and very sociable.Even i don’t know you well,but i can read that between your lines.I can feel it from your comments.I really enjoy reading your posts very much.You always lies someone’s cards on the table,and when it comes to discussion,you’re really on the ball :).On top of all,you’re a very smart,talented,and an elegant Saudi young woman.

I wish the best for you for ever 🙂


I tag Manal and witch

December 8, 2008


The little prisoner by Jane Elliot is a true story of a girl who was sexually abused by her stepfather for 17 years.

Jane’s nightmares started when her stepfather showed her how much he hate her & treated her as a slave, beating & shouting on her all hte time.Then the nightmares  became worse  when he started to have six with her.

Jane kept this horrible secret & didn’t tell any one about it because her stepfather was threatening her all the time that he would kill her  and her mother if she told any creatuer in this world. She lived as a prisoner for her nightmares & her stepfather’s abuse for so long.

Few years later, Jane met a boy called Goe and they fell in love. Jane and Goe had their 1st baby which was a girl. Jane thought that her life would be better after she have got her 1st baby , but unfortunately, her stepfather started to give her full sex after he knew that she has lost her virginity. Jane and Goe realtionship’s didn’t last for long and they broke up. Then,Jane ran away with her daughter and boyfriend and started a new life in hidden for another 5years before she found the courage to go to the police.

these some parts of the novel i’m going to post them here

Every time he passed me when Mum wasn’t looking he’d slap me ,pinch me , kick me or pull my hair so hard I thought it would come out at the roots.he would lean his lips close to my ears and hiss how much he loathed me while his fingers squeezed my face painfully like a vice,I hate you

He took to spitting in my food whenever he had the opportunity and i would have to mix the spittle into the mash or the gravy to make it possible to swallow since he would force me to eat every last scrap

when he was doing oral sex on me i would try to disconnect myself from my body,distracting my mind by counting things like the patterns on the wallpaper

we’d arranged to meet Marie & her colleagues from the police in the car park behind the court they could let us in through a back entrance

Get the police! I screamed ‘Get the police

it’s one of the tragic novels that i’ve ever read
and the most painful one.

Caution:It can’t be read by anyone under the legal age.It has alot of sexual description and it really well described


December 4, 2008

* Woooop finally i’ve finished all my midterm’s exams except one 😦 ,it will be after EID vacation Insha’Allah.All of them were excellent ,but i didn’t like the Morphology one  :@.

** my brother will arrive 2moro from Jubail ,and we’re going to spend our EID vacation in Jeddah with my father’s family.I’m soooo excited to go there and meet my friends,I wanna shop and hang out with my cousins and friends.I missed Taco Hut,Chili’s,Applebee’s and Cantoon.

*** I’ve a meeting with the provest of my college YUC ,Bassam Yamani.I’m the one who is responsible for the meetings with the principals and the coordinators for the college magazine,and i didn’t preapare any single question 😦 .I think i’ll spend this night preparing some importanat questions to make the interview kind of interesting and beneficial.

****what else what else,i really don’t know what to write,i’m up to my ears in work ,and i still have unfinished things to do.I should get ready and pack my stuff in my travell bag before mum kills me for being careless 😀

P.S: HAPPY EID all of u,have fun as much as u can,the vacation soooooo short

Some Tears Never Dry

November 25, 2008

Everythin’ around ME
just grabbed my spirit down
my whole life is a big mistake
why  things can’t just go right!
It seems as i’m in a middle of a war
i’m the only soldier who fights to keep
the boundaries of her heart save
and the whole world is the enemy

Oh Oh Shayne ward ! I wanna SHOUT with U